The Meaning of the Spider Tattoo

For the most part of documented past centuries, human beings have embossed tattoos on their bodies for a foray of reasons ranging from magical protection, relieving pain, vengeance to declaring victory against a foe. Historical analysis credits tattoos to have been created to display beauty, valor, group solidarity, religious belief, shock and personal independence. Recent research has indicated that over 60% of the North American youths aged between 18 to 30 years old have at least a single tattoo on their body.

Among the most popular tattoo designs in the world, the spider tattoo is a symbol crossing over numerous tattoo genres. The spider tattoo is believed to have originated from one indigenous tribe of Malaysia. It is therefore strongly featured by most tribal tattoos of various indigenous tribes around the world. Very few cultures fail to have tales about spiders constituted in their mythologies, maybe because spiders inhabit almost all corners of the globe. Struggle in the web of life’s intricacies is basically what a spider tattoo symbolizes.

In some tribes, the spider tattoos represents incarcerated capture while the different strands making up the web implies a metaphor symbolizing bars. In the Western countries, these bars are associated with crime, which depicts how long one has stayed behind prison walls. The tattoo is a symbol of a struggling generation; a struggle with drugs, struggle against the political system, while some people are always struggling against the oddity of life. And so no matter how long and much your struggle is, you find yourself entangled in the web of life. Thus from a Nazi want to-be with a spider tattoo on his cheek to a Latino on the street with the same feature on his neck, it basically draws to the same meaning, the spider tattoo is not an entity belonging to any specific group but to all whom the tentacles of life holds in the sublimes of a web.

Some bikers see the spider tattoo as a representation of fate, where the eventual web emanating from the activities of a spider shows how everyday we are tangled in the web of destiny. In short, this means being caught in a myriad of situations that one cannot contain, as life surely is.

The spider tattoo has been associated with a lot of things in the world today. For some, thee tattoo can only be a representation of the time you spent behind bars in prison, while others perceive it as a person whose web of life crossed path with the KKK. The same tattoo on the elbow would occur as implying a skinhead who have issues with his environment, a derelict and an anti-everything person; anti racist, anti gay, as well as a rubber stamp of a skinhead in prison behind the shadow of death on death row, murder depicted on the forehead. For other type of societal menace, it’s just a reminder to them and others that they had the pleasure of serving a sentence for a specific number of years. It would not be a surprise if the spider tattoos does not fall short of depicting the number of people whom one has given an express ticket to the labyrinth of death.

For centuries, the spiders tattoo has drawn connotations from popular cultures, mythologies with a dose of symbolism being the outcome. That’s is reason why today lots of spider tattoo fanatics have these inscriptions derived from the imagery of the day, such as the character Shelob from the depth of the movie the lord of the rings and the spider man movie and comic literature, giving them such a macho tattoo and a better representation of their personal belief. A rebellious Belief seen in the traits of a spider, a symbol of patience due to the hunting technique it uses and the way it waits for its prey after setting up a web, and also a dose of malice and mischief from its poison and fatal venom. These traits are adopted by many in the face of spider tattoos as their spirits rise up against the institutions of the day. That’s why the adage of the spider tattoos will forever be span in every era within the web of life.

Source by Benson Mwangi

See the Best of Brisbane on a Full Day Tour

Brisbane has so much to see and do, that the tourist can be forgiven for feeling just a little confused. You want to see the best sights without missing out on anything else of interest, but where do you begin? A great starting point would be to take a full day tour that has a little of everything. You can take a coach tour around Brisbane to see the sight, then go on a cruise and also see some good views and native Australian wildlife too.

The great tour does just that, encompassing all the best sights of Brisbane such as the oldest home, Newstead House where you will get the opportunity to stroll around the grounds and see the river. But prominent buildings such as City Hall, St John's Cathedral and Parliament House are not forgotten either and they are all on the itinerary.

So what comes first? A coach tour through the city center then morning tea at Breakfast Creek Hotel near the Brisbane River. Afterwards you get to explore the grounds of Newstead House. Just imagine what it must have been like to live there all all years ago. Not so many building around then, but lots of bushes and trees.

From there you will board a river boat for the cruise section of the tour. Traveling up the river will give you a good idea why Brisbane is called the River City. You will see all the most prestigious homes, the sandstone buildings of Custom House and many more historic buildings. Your river boat will take you under the beautiful Story Bridge that spans the river and you'll be able to see Kangaroo Point Cliffs before disembarking on the South Bank to sample all it has to offer. South bank is known as Mecca of Coffee shops where you can enjoy coffee flavors of all parts of the world. From there you could go to Brisbane Botanic Gardens which is adjacent to South Bank and entirely free for visitors. You can easily relax there and see some rare species of plants in the gardens. And that's just in the morning!

The afternoon will bring even more delights with a visit to one of Australia's largest koala sanctuaries, Lone Pine. You will actually be able to cuddle a koala as these little creatures seem to be tame even out in the wild. Other Australian natives are there to see too; wombats, wallabies, kangaroos and more. You can also feed free roaming kangaroos here with your hands.

On the way home you will be taken to one of Brisbane's most famous lookouts at Mt Coot-tha, for views that encompass whole tracts of land including the Great Dividing Range through to Moreton Bay and other islands This mountain is 287 meters above the sea level an is 6 km in the west of Brisbane. What a day! And you can be picked up and dropped off from many centrally located hotels, so finding your own way about will be no problem.

Source by Teena Celis

Foot Fetish

Foot Fetish

Ten toes avec lesquels il n’aime pas attendre le bus et préfère donc la marche!
Les pieds de Thierry.

Posted by Tendance Flou on 2005-04-06 09:46:27

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