Laser Away Toenail Fungus

There's never a good time for toenail fungus. It's a year round embargo. For instance, sexy sandals and beach escapades are theorms in summer. No one wants to sit across from someone on the subway who's wearing sandals that display discolored toes. No one wants to be on the beach wondering if they caught a toenail fungus from the lady with yellow toes two towels down, either. During cold weather, this pesky germ can ruin a yoga class or a romantic evening in quicker than anyone can dart under a mat or under the covers.

Getting rid of this problem can be challenging. The usual treatments include harsh liquid medicines that patients paint on their nails like polish. This type of medicine threatens to damage surrounding skin because of seepage. The other option is oral medication. However, it comes with the risk of liver damage. It's an awful decision to have to choose between looking presentable and maintaining a fully functional liver! Seems kind of silly that people are left with so few options to treat this embarrassing problem. No one should ever have to lose liver function to have healthy looking feet. Well, the PinPointe Laser changes everything.

The PinPointe Laser, Up Close and Personal

The PinPointe Laser offers a discreet way to take care of a personal problem that most people want to keep private. This is possible because the treatment takes place in a short amount of time and there's no need for an extended recovery.

The PinPointe Laser utilizes the unique properties of the Nd: YAG crystal, which is a crystal that is used in many lasers including optical lasers. It's highly regarded in the medical field for its exacting performance. The reason it works so well against toenail fungus is because of this exacting performance.

The Nd: YAG crystal allows The PinPointe Laser to penetrate the whole nail. This medical laser is even able to reach underneath the nail, an essential area to treat when it comes to treating this type of germ. Other treatments, such as creams or liquids, often fail to reach the core area of ​​the bacteria. Amazingly, the laser does this without damaging the healthy part of the nail. It also contains the integrity of the surrounding skin. The laser is the most precise form of treatment for unwanted discoloration. No germ stands a chance in its line of fire.


This treatment method is not only more effective than other treatments, but it's more cost-effective, too. A patient treated via the laser usually only requires one treatment. There's typically no need for touch-ups, no pills to take, or fluids to apply as a follow-up. Studies show that the laser has an incredible 88% success rate.

There's Gain without the Pain

Pain is always a concern when under any sort of medical procedure. Lasers may seem intimidating, but there is really no reason to be concerned about a light beam. Most patients report nothing more serious than a pin-like prick or a bit of heat when undergoing treatment with The PinPointe Laser. It's not even significant enough to warrant anesthesia.

Source by Andrea Avery

Home Remedies For Heel Spur

Heel spur is nothing but a condition of the leg where the heel bones start extending abnormally. This results in pain and discomfort and the affected area is inflamed. People from the sports field and those with active lifestyle are prior to such a disorder of leg. Lifting heavy things may also result in this condition.

In order to deal with this condition, there are many remedies and treatments available. However, let us have a look on some of the home remedies that you can use in order to get rid of heel spurs at home itself. If you find it useful, then you can use it effectively, but in severe cases, you need to seek help of a medical practitioner only.

Home Remedies for Heel Spurs:

o Orthopedic Molds- this product is very effective to treat the heel spurs. It is available easily in the market. You have to place these orthopedic molds in your shoes under the heels and you will find great relief.

o Chlorinated Water- chlorine water takes away the pain and binges of the inflammation in the affected area.

o Applying Cider Vinegar- an apple cider vinegar is a very useful home remedy. Take a paper cutout in the shape of your heel and soak it in the above solution. Wear it regularly along with your shoes for a few days and you will get relief form the pain.

o Molasses- a mixture of baking soda, molasses and apple cider vinegar is also an efficient solution to treat heel spurs externally.

o Borax Solution- soaking your feet in borax solution regularly helps to reduce the pain and inflammation in a few days.

o Cabbage Leaves- it is one of the simplest and useful home remedy form, for the treatment of heel spurs . Wrap the cage leaves on the affected area and keep it for sometime.

o Cheese Cloth- dip the cheese cloth in linseed oil and wrap it around the heel. Allow it to stay there for about 2-3 hours.

o Coconut Oil- massaging the affected area with coconut oil helps to heal your heel from discomfort and pain.

o Ice pack- applying ice packs on the spurs helps to reduce the pain and inflammation caused by it. This process also relaxes the muscles.

o Curcumin- Curcumin is the yellow pigment of turmeric that is quite beneficial to treat the spurs. Taking 500 mg of Curcumin early in the morning on an empty stomach helps.

o Alfalfa Tea- drinking it twice a day and consuming calcium rich foods is counted as the best home remedy that reduces the pain and discomfort levels.

These are some of the simple and easy to use home remedies for heel spurs.

Source by Jason R Reynolds